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What's Your Work?
EP 2.0 Twinkle Twinkle Little Spy
June 26, 2017 The Agent Palmer

This month I interviewed The Agent Palmer and the show title is the 1976 book in the Harry Palmer series. Please visit http://agentpalmer.com/ for everything Palmer! 5:00 Interview start 15:00 Velodrome pastime 21:20 Blog talk 22:40 How it all got started 31:00 911 look back from both sides 37:30 Podcast production 37:52 I do not produce gotham lights 46:12 Who is Mrs Palmer? 47:40 Watch GOTHAM and listen to gotham lights cast 58:30 Where are we to date with podcasting s a whole 1:10:00 Pink curtains explained 1:12:44 Fave Five 1:17:10 The agent watches sports? 1:18:17 Stef needs to move in to help The Agents Diet! 1:21:00 how to contact AP 1:21:24 Plug for other great shows 1:22:46 sign off - Van Morrison Into the Mystic 1:26:15 The Weight - The Band 1:30:46 Mr Blue Sky - ELO

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